A Couple of Naturals
Truly Natural Ingredients®
Seriously Effective Gum Care

Tooth & Gums Essentials

For these two, reducing harmful bacteria and improving gum health comes naturally.  Our award-winning mouth rinse now has the perfect partner – Tooth & Gums Essentials®, a powerful new gum care toothpaste with xylitol for complete protection and a refreshing taste.

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Be good to your gums and teeth.

Why Tooth & Gums Essentials®?

Reduces Harmful Oral Bacteria

The pure essential oils of cinnamon, peppermint, eucalyptus, and thyme
in Tooth & Gums Essentials are powerful antimicrobials that reduce the
harmful bacteria associated with periodontal disease and halitosis.

Reduces Bleeding Gums and Promotes Healing

Tooth & Gums Essentials contains echinacea, gotu kola and aloe vera
that reduce common inflammation and bleeding while stimulating the gums
to accelerate the healing process.  Additionally, lavender and echinacea
are included for their powerful soothing and healing properties.

Complete Protection

Tooth & Gums Essentials is formulated with xylitol, which has been
shown to help protect the teeth by inhibiting harmful bacteria from
adhering to the teeth.


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