Testimonials from Professionals

Tooth & Gums Tonic is a potent solution containing essential oils and herbs with proven effectiveness in conservative periodontal therapy.

~ Gordon Christensen, DDS, MSD, PhD

I used to have patients rinse with a chlorhexidine regimen, but patient compliance was embarrassingly low. The potent and effective formula of Dental Herb products are well tolerated and improve the outcome of my restorative cases.

~ Michael DiTolla, DDS, FAGD

If you are still using a chlorhexidine-based product, you have got to try Tooth & Gums Tonic.

~ Wendy Briggs, RDH

Dental Herb Company’s product line has become the go-to solution in our soft tissue program because it satisfies the desires of our patients and our practice. We love the reduction in inflammation and bacterial load. Our patients love the taste and that it is all natural. They use it! Wouldn’t it be great if we could find such successful adjuncts in all areas of our practice?

~ Stefan Andren, DDS

I was tired of using drugs and chemicals to support the treatment and maintenance of my periodontal patients. So, after looking at the research, I replaced 0.12% chlorhexidine gluconate with Tooth & Gums Tonic 10 years ago. It has prescription-grade natural ingredients, biocompatible, great taste, kills bacteria, no stain, no alcohol, no preservatives…no brainer!

~ Peter S. Evans MS, DDS, MAGD

I have been using Dental Herb Company Tooth & Gums products since 1996. It is the number one irrigant used in our Non-Surgical Periodontal Treatment Program. Tooth & Gums Products are the best all natural herb products that I have ever used; they consistently kill rods, vibrios, and spirochetes. Their essential oils help sooth and calm inflamed tissue and aid in the healing process, which helps stop bleeding and reduce pocket depth. Their products are very beneficial for halitosis as well.

~ Craig Zunka, DDS

I am extremely grateful for your years of research and development, which produced this all-natural, alcohol-free product. It not only reduces disease activity within the periodontal pocket, but tonifies the oral tissue as well. My clinical results have been extremely impressive, and patients have commented about the pleasant taste. This is a welcome adjunct to our health centered practice.

~ Richard Fischer, DDS, FAGD

By using Tooth & Gums Tonic in my own mouth daily as a rinse and applied interdentally the results have been incredible. The pockets around my two molars in question have reduced from six mm to two and three mm, a single four mm and no bleeding upon probing! It has reshaped how I treat periodontal disease – not just in my own case, but for my patients. Imagine not only your patients’ response to this type of treatment, but the ease of tissue management during prosthodontic treatment.

~ Tom Orent, DMD

It didn’t take long to convince us that Tooth & Gums Tonic was the best and safest rinse for both soft tissue management and breath control.

~ The Madow Brothers - Richard Madow, DDS and David Madow, DDS

I start every new patient exam with a summary of the causes of gum disease and cavities. I thoroughly explain the treatments and always describe the Dental Herb Company product line as the best toothpaste, mouth rinse and concentrate in the world.

~ Rev. Dr. Stephen A. Lawrence

As a retired dental hygienist, I have become pretty picky about the dental products I use. I recently discovered your products and I LOVE them! My clients are enjoying them too!

~ Natural Thyroid Healing

We have many patients who love this all natural product! Thanks for making such an amazing product.

~ Boulder Dentist Mark Jaffee, DDS

We love Tooth & Gum tonic and always recommend it to our patients!!

~ Dante Colosimo, DDS

We have used Tooth & Gums products at Health Centered Dentistry for years! These products are safe, effective, and our patients love them!

~ Health Centered Dentistry

Bell Family Dentistry loves Dental Herb Company!!!

~ Bell Family Dentistry

We have offered these products for several years and love them!

~ Dr. Kevin Floyd

Our patients LOVE, love, love this product line!! It’s flying out the door like hotcakes!

~ Valerie Kerr

This is the best toothpaste out there. I have been using it for ten years now and have tried many others. Always come back to DHC. Great way to avoid gum surgery by the way.

~ Dr. Lenny Kundel

I’m a hygienist at Schecter Dental and we use the DHC irrigant with an oral irrigator. Amazing product, amazing results.

~ Tara Jazrawi

We proudly offer Tooth & Gums Tonic in our practice, and you have to see the results to believe them. If the goal of your hygiene department is zero bleeding, this is an adjunct product that can make the difference.

~ Point Family Dentistry

Dental Solutions loves Dental Herb Company!

~ Dental Solutions Utah