Gingivitis is an inflammation of the gums that is caused by plaque buildup around the teeth, and though it is not destructive, it is still considered to be the precursor to gum disease (periodontitis). Practicing proper dental care and regularly visiting the dentist are necessary in order to prevent this oral condition from progressing into one that can be detrimental to the overall health of your gums and teeth.

The bacteria in plaque convert carbohydrates from the food that we eat into acid that can lead to cavities and gum irritation, and so it is imperative to brush, rinse and floss regularly in order to remove the food particles and plaque that is hiding between your teeth. Irritation caused by plaque can cause the gums to become red, swollen, and sore and sometimes even bleed, and if left untreated, gingivitis can continue to advance to serious stages of periodontal disease. Not only can gum disease cause uncomfortable and unsightly symptoms, many researchers, including those from Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health, believe that there is a strong connection between poor oral health and heart disease.1

The Dental Herb Company offers an effective, all natural way to reduce oral bacteria and maintain healthy teeth and gums. The family of powerful antimicrobial products is comprised of five different mouth care products that contain precisely calculated formulations of pure essential oils and organically-grown herbs that research has proven to have antimicrobial, tissue conditioning, connective tissue rebuilding and anti-halitosis abilities.2 The integrated herbal protocol is most effective when combined with regular flossing and dental hygiene maintenance. When practiced as directed, this method of therapeutic and preventative oral therapy can reduce the buildup of destructive microorganisms that can lead to gum disease.

What you should know about natural treatment for gingivitis

You can reverse gingivitis with the help of a dental professional and good oral care at home, so if you are experiencing symptoms such as red, swollen or bleeding gums, you can rest assured that, with a little dedication, it is a relatively simple fix.

The treatment for gingivitis consists of removing existing plaque and reducing the amount of oral bacteria so that it does not accumulate and lead to further inflammation. There is growing evidence that choosing a natural treatment plan is the healthiest and most effective way of controlling microorganisms that impair oral health. Using natural oral care products is just as important as maintaining a healthy diet when it comes to contributing to our overall health. Each time we brush our teeth, we ingest small amounts of the ingredients in our toothpaste, and many commercial toothpastes are loaded with additives that are potentially dangerous. Most toothpaste contains fluoride, triclosan, and sodium lauryl sulfate, which are all ingredients that are far from benign. Triclosan is an antibiotic and antimicrobial agent that can not only lead to bacterial resistance, but negatively impact thyroid hormone concentrations as well.3 Sodium lauryl sulfate is added to create the foaming action that we associate with toothpaste, but it can dry out the protective mucous lining of the mouth and cause canker sores.4

It is no secret that continuous and frequent exposure to antibiotics of any kind can easily result in an increased bacterial resistance and decreased efficacy, and this fact holds true when it comes to regular toothpaste. Natural tooth care products, such as those produced by Dental Herb Company are notable not only for of their lack of toxic chemicals, but because research has shown that microorganisms do not seem to develop a tolerance or resistance to the antibacterial effects of essential oils.5

Look to your dentist for the very best gingivitis remedy

Nothing can replace the importance of regular trips to your dentist when it comes to oral health, but there are some options to consider when it comes to exceptional maintenance in between visits. The 100% natural products from Dental Herb Company includes a Tooth & Gums Tonic®,  Tooth & Gums Essentials® ToothpastePerioSpot® Under the Gums Irrigant® and a Tooth & Gums Spritz.® These products work together to restore and maintain your oral health through the use of essential oils and organic herbs. Dental Herb Company products are made with precisely calculated proportions of the highest quality ingredients, and are available online and through dental and health professionals who have evaluated of their efficacy and recommend these products to their patients.


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