When your gums need more, it’s spot on.

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Designed for easy application, PerioSpot provides targeted protection where gums need it most. Post-procedure or to enhance ongoing periodontal care, use this powerful sticky gel to fight bacteria and soothe inflammation at the site.

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Powerful Therapy
Targeted Protection

PerioSpot Provides:

  • Reduction of harmful bacteria at the site
  • Relief for stubborn inflammation and irritation
  • Added post-procedure protection
  • Implant and surgical home care
  • Soothing of mouth and denture sores
  • Easy application in the office and at home

Formulated with the same Truly Natural®
ingredients as the award-winning
Tooth & Gums Tonic®. Use PerioSpot
after daily rinsing for added antimicrobial protection.


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