Holistic Dentistry: Natural Treatment for Periodontal Disease

Over the past decade, consumer interest in choosing natural alternative medicines and therapies has grown substantially. Holistic dentistry, also known as natural dentistry, is one area in particular that has become more popular. If you’re wondering whether holistic dentistry is the right choice for treating your periodontal disease, here’s what you need to know.

The main principle of holistic dentistry is to treat the patient as a whole, rather than just as a set of teeth. For example, the focus is not solely on the treatment of the symptoms of gingivitis and periodontal disease, but on the treatment of the underlying causes of the symptoms. By examining these underlying causes, symptoms can be eliminated in a way that is natural and minimally invasive.

Holistic dentists see all parts of the body as interconnected, and they believe that if an imbalance exists in one part of the body, it can lead to health problems in other parts. In short, oral health is connected to your overall health.  For example, numerous scientific studies have shown that inflammation caused by periodontal disease increases your risk for developing degenerative diseases like heart disease, diabetes and cancer1. Holistic dentists (also known as natural dentists) examine the diet and lifestyle of their patients, and explain to them how unwise choices can negatively impact the health of their teeth and gums. When it comes to treatment for periodontal disease, the goal of holistic dentistry is not to find a quick fix, but to promote preventative care along with a balanced diet to ensure long lasting oral health.

Holistic dentistry minimizes the amount of potentially harmful chemicals that we put into our body, such as the filling material in our teeth, chemicals found in commercial oral care products, and the food that we consume. These chemical additives can have a negative cumulative effect of which most individuals are largely unaware. Holistic dental treatments, proper daily oral hygiene, the use of all natural products, and a commitment to a healthy diet can all help to prevent periodontal disease.

Truly Natural® Ingredients

Cinnamon Bark

An essential oil that reduces bacteria, inflammation and irritation.

Dental Herb Company supports the field of holistic dentistry for its effectiveness in promoting excellent oral health. Routine dental cleanings and proper home care between visits can help people avoid periodontal surgery. Dental Herb Company Truly Natural products contain pure essential oils of red thyme, cinnamon bark, eucalyptus, lavender and peppermint, as well as extracts of echinacea and gotu kola—all of which work synergistically to provide antimicrobial, tissue conditioning and anti-halitosis care for your teeth and gums.

Dental Herb Company products are available through thousands of dental and health professionals nationwide, as well as online. Ask your dentist about Dental Herb Company products so that you can experience the results for yourself.


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