"I start every new patient exam with a summary of the causes of gum disease and cavities. I thoroughly explain the treatments and always describe the Dental Herb Company product line as the best toothpaste, mouth rinse and concentrate in the world."

~ Dr. Stephen A. Lawrence
Carlsbad, CA

About Us

Dental Herb Company was founded in 1996 when Dr. Bernard Schechter developed an all natural solution to prevent and treat gum disease. A dental researcher with decades of experience as a practicing dentist, Dr. Schechter had a strong background in therapeutic herbology and microbiology, as well as a strong belief in the power of natural medicines. His first product - Tooth & Gums Tonic - became widely accepted and trusted by thousands of dentists. Today, Dental Herb Company has a complete system for Healthy Teeth and Gums.

Containing only pure essential oils and herbal extracts, Dental Herb Company products have no harsh side effects and an efficacy that goes beyond simple oral hygiene maintenance. The Dental Herb Company Herbal Protocol for Healthy Teeth and Gums is an effective therapy for many patients who may otherwise be facing painful and expensive surgery. Not only will these uniquely effective products benefit your patients, but they can also generate a profit for your practice by increasing patient confidence and loyalty.

Dental Herb Company products are sold through professional dental and medical practices. When patients purchase directly from your office, you can be sure they get the right product, and use it more consistently. We offer dentists and health professionals wholesale pricing with small minimum orders, volume discounts for larger orders and same day shipping!